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Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus - Poem by AaI Harvey

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Here I am, I'm just a man;
So evidently, I must be in the wrong.
Women are superior to men, yes were the weaker sex;
So now I've said what you wanted to hear,
Are you going to get undressed?
And give me a blow and do what I like in bed.
Yes you’re the stronger sex, keep sucking, oh yeah!

But back street abortions are another story;
Just like a man speaking to a woman about the morning’s glory.
Understanding, yet not truly knowing how the other feels;
We are capable of listening to each other’s every need.
Yet lacking the power, to feel what she feels;
Even after being told, never really knowing how she feels.

You’re simply lacking something, being of the opposite sex;
Simply lacking the bollocks to pass the test.
Simply taking it, not giving it; or whatever you do in your world.
While we can't understand, what it's like to have no balls at all.

Trying to figure out the female psyche? Just give up my friend.
The question ‘what do women want? ’
Can never be answered by a man.
You can give them the world and the moon on a stick;
But even then they'd ask for a mirror,
So they can put on some lipstick.
The ladies pleasure their men, to stop them thinking of sex;
But ladies that doesn't work for some
And in three seconds the feelings back.

Do women always satisfy men in bed?
Just because of the end product?
And is an orgasm all a man should want or need;
Every time he's getting fucked?
Or should we crave more, from the women we are with?
I mean, after all the shit they put us through
And then they want to have kids?

Yes I know what you’re thinking;
These fucking women are tapped in the head.
Well you’re right and all men are bastards
And all other stereotypes are the precedent.

Leading the way, to a disgruntled nation;
The Neanderthal leaders have taken over the new stations.
Preaching what is right and how wrong it is to make love;
Don't be a lover, be a fighter and go kill in their illegal war.

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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