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Never Back Down - Ufc - Poem by Melvyn Mohan

I woke up this morning wishing it was pay day because I don’t know how much more I can take living day to day with nothing but a few rands and a handful of prayers to my name sake in this rat race in a different place with it’s own pace. I’ve had countless days of rage when the pain drives me insane and I don’t have the words to explain so I got to maintain a stable mainframe and take all the blame until my mind stops ticking and I got to pull out my blade and take out my frustration and do it my way and forget everything you say because today is the last day that you make me feel this way.

Tell the masses to stand up and resist to anyone that raises their fist, just because they pissed, you don’t need to take this so clutch your fists and raise them high, scream out loud like you losing your mind, close your eyes and start swinging wild because it’s the last time they treat you like a child. You have to fight for your cause; you have to fight for your reason to even breathe and not be bullied, fight for your right to freedom of speech, fight for your status as a human being, fight with the strength that will reign supreme cause the fight is the difference between you and me.

We all soldiers, I told you, you got your orders, so kick up dirt and never lose focus because you need your wits to be like the devil in disguise with a psychotic mind, willing to take lives from anyone you despise to ensure you survive and strive to make it through life as a man that raised his hands to protect what he had and never gave a damn about catching a whipping because can anyone stop the pain in my heart when the rage starts. My eyes turn black and there is no coming back from selling your soul, going toe to toe with the devil to make sure he doesn’t have control, so spit in his eye and choke him real hard because you going to finish what you started.

You need a heart transplant so you don’t relapse and collapse and fall face flat when I start swinging like that, because this is a cage match and my habitat, so think carefully before you challenge me, because I’ll make you tap the floor for some more of that air that you suffering for and before they open the door to loosen my grip, I’m going to bust your jaw and put your blood on the floor so you will survive on a drip and you just got your ass whipped so you need to train a little bit more and start punching walls, because you can never dropp me with those two paws, so touch black, go back, press rewind and ill show you how I done that with a back slap that put you on your back because I stood my ground, raised my fists and screamed out loud I’LL NEVER BACK DOWN.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 30, 2010

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