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Scared Of A Lie - Poem by AaI Harvey

Scared of a lie.

Socrates, Sigmund Freud, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein,
All would be welcome friends of mine.
For they could use their minds, to spend their time,
Helping me to improve my rhymes.
But the theory of relativity is still a complete mystery.
Like MC Squared means nothing to me;
Just like the laws of gravity.

So just give me something that's easy,
Like my ABCs or a dinner time quickie,
Crossword in the Sun, for I'm simply a simple son,
With the simple needs of a simpleton.

But I too can think, of something to write;
But I'm never quite sure, if the wording is right.
But try as I might, to write a great line,
To me this whole thing just stinks of shite.

So let's change the subject and our clothes,
For God only knows, what I meant to say,
Oh yeah I'm gay, or maybe I'm not;
I've already told you, I guess you forgot.

So I'll make you wonder, if I'm joking about that line,
For it makes you frightened that I may be
And surely I wouldn't lie;
Because the possibility of me being gay to you is a scary thought.
Why should I appease you, when you call me this word?
If I am you would know, or maybe you wouldn't,
Maybe I should tell you, maybe I shouldn't;
Maybe I will, maybe I won't,
Maybe you don't know me, maybe you never will.

And you’re now convinced I am, because I can write this;
But you'll never know the truth, for that's not what I wish.
I like the fact it bothers you, that you don't know;
You’re not completely sure and that causes you a problem.

But you see the truth is, you simply don't know me,
So you fear the truth and what it could be.
Like David Bowie, it's a mystery
And while it still seems to annoy you, that I could be,
I'll keep it a secret, for you don't know me.
For if you did, you wouldn't have to ask;
Let's see: Do I prefer pussy or ass?

Bye, bye you fools, I'm going to sing Gold,
And be an enigma and let nobody close.
For my soul has no price, for it’s already been sold,
Like your baby’s future and now I must go.

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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