Gregory Allen Uhan

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Virtue Of Certain Personal Truths - Poem by Gregory Allen Uhan

I do not possess knowledge of the facts
I have no answers that are either
constant or universal
I do not claim to be wise
to nature's formulas
The only truths I have stumbled upon
are personal.

I was not placed upon this rock for myself.

I am certain this much is true.

Accession if far
far below my mission
I prefer the simple life of the mountain goat
to a proverbial life spent climbing the
holy corporate mound.
It is not my place to gain
nor my purpose the acquisition of admiration
others more determined in this mind-set
may gladly take my share
For I forever shall remain
just as the empty chair
arms waiting, open to all
offering comfort to all
I was meant to support
those trodden tired souls
and stone-bruised feet
in need of a well,
hard earned rest
All at my own expense
For I see the emptiness
of transient transactions
and the transparent value of paper
and I guffaw in Franklin's
bespectacled face!

I find the sufferings of thyself
to be perfectly acceptable.
I find it impossible to accept
the sufferings of others

It is not my duty to
guide or lead
I refuse to follow
though I do agree
to walk but only
side by side
trying my best to keep
every step in synch
every breath striking
perfect accord

I know these facts to be true.

I am but a sponge in the sea
absorbing the vastness of
these fluid traveling observations

I prefer the grasp-less personal pursuit
of enlightening the soul
above holding influence
over a sorted mass
of hearts and minds.
And for this reason
do not allow myself
to be swayed into the shallow pool
come the hunting season of November propaganda.
I cry when I see the sociopaths' lecherous lust
for power keeping us apart.

Everyday earth is but a maelstrom
of inquiries and revelations,
every sun marks a harvest ripe with choice
Ancient superstition?
Public privately funded
Theories rooted in science fiction?
To Collimate or collide?
Let us walk,
together, we shall
discuss and decide

Despite our varied
and beautiful differences
we are all common matter
in the all encompassing eye
of the universe.
Atom and energy paved the way
for Adam and Eve
You and me and He and she
all equally
Despite who our parents are
brothers and sisters
we share the same immortal
blood line of the stars
not a one of us
common or insignificant

This is our common universal truth.

Now, if I have come into the possession
of a single virtue,
it's that I keep
heart and mind open to all comers.
The givers the takers
the quiet ones and the self indulgent
the self righteous and the wicked
the blind and the pensive
demagogs and debutantes
icons as well as iconoclasts
pedagogs and pederasts
louts lechers
coquettes and sluts
maidens mad-men
geniuses comedians
saints and virgins
optimists philosophers
capitalists junkies commies
hipsters preachers bohemians
vagabonds deadbeat dads
single working moms
demimondes and bon vivants
malcontents and misanthropes
victims aides and cut-throats

Whether they offer something of true value
or cough up nothing but mirror words and
empty dollars as earthly alms

expecting nothing
I welcome all
accepting full-heartedly
without disappointment
that which they deliver to my door

Comments about Virtue Of Certain Personal Truths by Gregory Allen Uhan

  • Terence George Craddock (8/21/2011 11:54:00 AM)

    'Virtue of Certain Personal Truths' focuses on specific virtues and personal truths derived. Realization 'I was not placed upon this rock for myself.' is vision.

    'heart and mind open to all comers.'

    Herein lies the key, to know that all may teach you something, something about themselves or yourself. From all we can learn is a lesson few learn. A desire to take
    is not a willingness to receive to learn, but a fault to lust to control to possess.

    'I do not possess knowledge of the facts'

    What could I tell you of facts? 'Answer Answered', of life's changes 'Shadows On The Road'. You must make your own journeys, identify your own 'Quest'. Already you ask the questions. From the questions answers follow, already you are long upon the road. (Report) Reply

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