Buddy Bee Anthony

West Coast - Poem by Buddy Bee Anthony

Screw the West Coast
Won't be buyin more shares, Joe
Screw the West Coast
and your cross-eyed stares, no.
Screw the West Coast,
I'm sorry but no go
Screw your snafu face
and your prickly head space.
What a crime,
I'm short on time
to whip you into shape

Screw the West Coast.

With your bag of sticky
sweet and sour juju
Spinnin webs like fine spider's silk
Mess with this fly's head
I'll make a meal outta you
dip you in buttermilk

Screw the West Coast
You've put the perfect crime
in my East Coast mind
as I lie awake at night
It was you who drew first blood

Now get revved up and ready
for the fight of your life

Screw the West Coast
At least the East Coast has some balls
You too boldly advertise
how you specialize
in lamo curtain calls

Screw the West Coast
You didn't invent peace or love
what a farce
a bait and switch
I wonder if you know the meaning of these words
If you don't want my kind around.
Make your wish
you heartless witch
I get burnt and buried deeply in your murky ground

Screw the West Coast
You hem and haw how
I've been damming up your flow
But, all you are or could ever be
is a nasty, slutty, hoe
Don't ask me who I am
or where I go
Ask yourself, instead
the painful questions
who are you
and what it is you do not know

Screw the West Coast
I've tried to get a fix on you
You're like some fourteen leveled Rubic's Cube
I've given up the quest of solving
the riddle that is you

When I try what happens
is my face turns ghostly white,
to crimson red
then a suffocating shade of blue

Screw the West Coast
Your cover has been blown
Read a book off my book list byatch
and get off your freakin phone

Screw the West Coast
your vivid colors got all smudged up

Having skipped the day in school
when the other kids
drank nectar from the loving cup

The schwag you are slingin'
The horse you've been bangin'
What a junkie's brew
Your only claims to fame are seein' stars
from huffin' airplane glue
Screw the West Coast.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Comments about West Coast by Buddy Bee Anthony

  • Noah Buddy (5/28/2014 12:28:00 AM)

    You're rolin'! ! ! !
    I love it!
    Screw the WEst Coast!
    You almost sold me
    and then I remembered
    I live there! ! !

    Lot's of fun to your jewels!
    Those who don't
    are just fools!
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    Buddy Bee Anthony Buddy Bee Anthony (8/1/2016 8:36:00 PM)

    I am hopeful for better, but maybe this is all there is, the best we can do as a society, as good as it gets I am still standing and still holding out for better.

    Buddy Bee Anthony Buddy Bee Anthony (8/1/2016 8:27:00 PM)

    When I say here, I say the West Coast Spirit. When I say lacking resources, I mean big money projects invested resources like Valley Fair In Shakopee Mn, Or Tampa's Busch Gardens. Or Six Flags. Or the Needle in Seattle...It's an anomaly because a relative few visitors come to Seattle to climb atop the Space Needle...

    Buddy Bee Anthony Buddy Bee Anthony (8/1/2016 8:23:00 PM)

    I am a king baby writer. My superego kicks into high gear and I become Mighty Zorn of the pen. I will say youth is wasted on the young. In every corner of the world there is a plethora of stupidity and stupid people tricks. Here, you have a do it yourself, rugged individualist creating person. They create their own amusement park. It may appear a little sparse but what they don't have in resources they make up for here in determination and grit.

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