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Sabrina McIntyre Poems

1. Mirror 1/21/2012
2. Dance 1/23/2012
3. In The Rain 1/23/2012
4. Heart Lessons 1/23/2012
5. According To You 1/23/2012
6. Love Letter 1/23/2012
7. Captivated 4/22/2012
8. Decisions 4/22/2012
9. It's Okay 4/22/2012
10. Heart Vs. Mind (Part 1) 4/22/2012
11. Heart Vs. Mind (Part 2) 4/23/2012
12. To My Friends 4/23/2012
13. Mon Amour 4/23/2012
14. He Does 1/21/2012
15. Invisible 4/23/2012
16. A Desperate Cry 4/23/2012
17. Inside Out 4/23/2012
18. Stolen Love 4/23/2012
19. I'M Sorry 4/22/2012
20. Broken 4/22/2012
21. Headphones 1/21/2012
Best Poem of Sabrina McIntyre


Music in
World out
In my headphones I get rid of doubt
There in my world everything's right
In my world everything's tight
I wish I didn't have to leave
There I heave a sigh of relief
Music out
Back to the real world
But here I'm just a strange girl with strange talents
And a little off balance
I wish I could go back to my place
Where not fitting in just isn't the case
Music back in
I'm drowning the world out
Back to the place where there are no doubts
Back to the place where I belong
My awesome world of awesome song

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He Does

Sometimes I feel like I'm never seen
Ignored unheard
Hidden behind people and things
Would anyone even hear me scream?
If I died would anyone care?
I long for the slightest glance
Can anyone see me?
Please someone see me
If only I were heard

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