American Guitars

They were failing dutifully
If you’re going to fail at all
Failing came more easily
Than it did to us all
And I wanted to be there
See them begin
It was easy to see they were
The best band to be in
I gave up drugging
When you spiked my drink
Stopped freeloading
When I could not get in
I gave up singing
When I was told
I could not dance
Knew my place in the world
When I heard them start

Woke up on sunday morning
With a hole
The size of my pool
Couldn’t believe
I´d grown so ugly
Couldn’t believe
I´d been so cruel
I should’ve set back
Thought about their past
East coast to west coast
How they’d struggled
For their art

Some people
Were born to write
Some people
Were born to dance
Thought I knew my place in the world
Thought I knew my art
Glad to be there, see them begin
It was easy to see
They were the best band to be
American guitars...

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