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Hall & Oates

Did It in a Minute

Lyrics & music: daryl hall, sara allen, janna allen

When you find yourself alone
And when going out is coming home
You rely on the kid `cause there’s nobody waiting around
If you’re not an easy mark
It’s a shot in the dark that hits the heart
I know when it’s coming
(I thought so anyway)
Some things stay the some and some are due for change
I thought I had them all nailed down
But you turned `em around
You did you did it you did it you did it in a minute
It didn’t take long

Well I still can’t say I know
When a love is real or touch and go
And if two can be one, who is the one two becomes
Am I quick enough to see
When I’m ready and it’s right for me
Say that I want it (I think so anyway)
Everybody always laughs at love
But what they want is to be proven wrong
Then you came along and I did it

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