After 7

Love by Day, Love by Night

Oh baby
If I could touch it
I’d make you proud
I would do anything, to make you my lady now
I wouldn’t hurt it baby
Wont let you down
And once I get in it
You’ll never wanna let me out babe

Here it comes
So brace yourself baby
And let it flow
All through you and me
I’ll make you love, love so deep
Here’s what will happen when you get with me

Love you by day, love you by night
Love nice and slow baby, wont let you go
Love you by day, love you by night.
Love lets you know, baby, when your love (hook)

If I could hold you baby, hold you real tight
I would relax you girl, make you
Feel extra nice (make you feel extra nice)
But if I could roll with you baby, you know I’d roll you all night
Give you my love, my all and all and then I’d lose control

Here we go, so ask yourself baby
Then let me know is this what you need
And can you love me baby, love so sweet
Here’s what could happen if you were into me

Repeat hook 2x

Love you right hold you tight
Love you till the morining light
Lets love baby
Come on , come on, come on, come on,
Come on, come on, come on, come on baby

Love you right hold you tight
Love you till the morning light
In love baby
Im gonna love just let me love ya, please let me love you

Repeat hook 2x

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