Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar Cleopatra Poems

Cleopatra’s Glory

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt;
Cleopatra was the queen of beauty.
She came to the throne at her eighteen
The first century BC witnessed it.

Helen And Cleopatra

Helen and Cleopatra are empresses of Beauty,
Whose beauty by its power stupefied Men of rank,
By its energy made heads war to death and by its force

Madonna And Cleopatra

Men love Madonna like women
And lust Cleopatra like ones.
Virtuous woman are wives, serving
And others concubines, hooking men.

Cleopatra And Padmavathi

Cleopatra had been Egypt's queen.
No historical evidences lie.
Many versions of her tale circulate.
In all versions she is shown as beauty.

If She Were A Cleopatra

Let her be a whore, a sun burnt and
Over ripe with wrinkles on her face.
If she were a Cleopatra, with infinite

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