Gajanan Mishra

Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India
Tikapali, Patnagarh, Balangir, Odisha, India now at Tapobana, Titilagarh, Odisha, India

Gajanan Mishra Earth Poems

Colour Of The Earth

Let me know
The colour of the earth
Let mr know
The voice of the sky.

Most Pious My Earth

Most pious my earth
And I am on it always,
Though, my name address
Sizes and colours

The Daughter Of The Earth -15

I deserved and
O my dear daughter,
You appeared.
You appeared

Let The Earth Say

Let the earth say
Something about life.
So many words are there
With the sky.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 19

Daughter is fire
and she is there
to ignite the earth.

The Daughter Of The Earth

You are
The Daughter of the Earth.

You are the heart of all

The Daughter Of The Earth - 6

I know
You are a belief,
You are a tradition,
You are a truth,

The Daughter Of The Earth - 7

I know you are the one and the same
though described in different scripts
by different persons at different times.

Truth Is Only This Earth

Here is the truth,
Truth is only this earth
And not the sky or the clouds.
Truth is only this earth

Let Us See The Earth

Let us see the earth
Embodiment of beauty and love,
Let us work for the welfare
of this earth,

Heaven And Earth

On this earth
I discovered the heaven
With all brightness
And lightning.

The Entire Earth

The entire earth is
There as it was.
It is I
Who is changing

My Earth My Sight

My earth my sight
My dream my peace.
All happiness there
On my earth.

Earth Is There

Earth is there
Where it was
But at times
It is going upwards.

Mother, My Mother, Mother Earth

My mother
Mother earth
Telling me

Earth Earth Earth

Let us remember the earth
On this day and celebrate
With fire in forest,
Rain in seas,

This Earth Is Yours

This earth is yours my dear
With all its fullness yours.

I am not older than this earth my dear

The Earth The Sky And The Self

The earth the sky and the self
And the celebrated hymns
Manifested from the heart
And I find the goals of life

Right To Earth

Give me my soil.
My soul is in my soil.
Give me my earth
and keep it free

Earth's Surface

Here with me
See, on this
Earth's surface
I stay.

Gods On Earth

Gods on earth are the learned
And the men in knowledge
Knowledge of Absolute Truth.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 2

You are the Daughter of the Earth,
And I know you bright and beautiful.

Comparison with you is foolish

The Daughter Of The Earth - 20

Your words are
as sweet as the cuckoo,
You are as devoted as
a true lover, my dear daughter,

The Daughter Of The Earth - 24

My daughter is the killer of evil-doers,
My daughter is the store house of good qualities,
My daughter is the lightning of the sky.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 26

See, the daughter of the earth is here
with new food, with new culture, with
new thoughts, with a new generation,
that enrich the world as a whole.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 30

And what is that, my dear daughter,
The clouds are there through out the sky,
And I know not how to fly.
At this juncture, you appeared with

The Daughter Of The Earth - 37

And she is watching the sun
with rainy water since the morning.
And she engaged herself in terrific fight.

The Earth Is Moving

The earth is moving,
While my creation is not moving.
My creation is not moving,
And you are not my creation.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 5

The daughter of the Earth
Is going there to be a star.
I wonder, what she heard here
and what she has done there.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 8

She has trust and transparency
and she engages herself
in pursuits of excellence.

The Daughter Of The Earth - 11

Let me expect a lot
from you, my dear daughter!
I know you are the symbol of
Love, affection, service

On This Earth I Can Do

On this earth, I can do
Whatever I like, but all good,
And I am ready to get the fruits.
I see, nothing bad on this earth,


ମାଟି Earth

ସମୁଦ୍ର କାହିଁ?
କଣ ହେବ ବି ସମୁଦ୍ର?
ଅଛି ବହୁତ କିଛି ମିଳିବାର
ଯଦିଓ ସମୁଦ୍ରରୁ।


Source of all joy.


One Sun One Earth

One sun one earth one life
And we are here all together.
Nothing to fear, we are here
To make life beautiful and

Sunless Earth

Believe me
My earth is sunless
And I have my own light.
Please see and

This Earth- My Life

My home, this earth my life
Source of everything here for all.
My home, your home, this earth
So natural and it is for all welfare.

I Am The Earth

I am the earth,
I am moving here, there.
In this earth
I stood firm.

Earth-Born Creatures

Earth - born creatures
Doomed to die
Here on this earth
And this is rightly

The Daughter Of The Earth - 41

Calm down, calm down,
And watch the daughter,
And say what is her color?
Is she black?

The Daughter Of The Earth - 43

I see no boundary here,
And you are crossing
the boundaries of this jungle.
While crossing I find with you

Vibration Of Earth

Vibration of earth
Is called rain here.
This rain is without clouds
Without dust.

Earth Water Fire

Earth water fire
And ether and air
Mind reason ego
Are nature's care

Earth Is Heaven

I know O my dear
This earth where I am
Is heaven
Here all moving and

Earth Is Bounded

Earth is bounded
By great oceans.

It is the sky above.

Earth And Heaven

See me, I am on this earth.
Test me, I do not want to go to heaven.

I want to make this earth more than heaven,

Travel The Earth

Travel about the earth alone
Having equal vision everywhere.
Travel about the earth alone

Mother Mother Mother Earth

Mother Mother Mother earth
I know You are constantly harassed
By drilling by explosion by pollution
By all human and inhuman actions

Smell The Earth

Smell the earth
Touch the earth
You are the earth
O my dear, I am

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