Ramesh T A Mystical Poems

Mystical Love!

Natural love talks are output of open love in public as
Devotional love towards Lord Krishna by Meera Bhai;
Her divine love was above all love she had with all;
This irked her husband, who test her love by poisoning!

Mystical Exploration And Communion With Nature!

Romantic exploration and researches help much to discover, invent and create things;
Novelty, innovation and creation of new ideas and best things help mankind to progress;
It is adventure to go ahead according to imagination in romantic life in the world forever;
Dream, imagination and vision make romantic life ever interesting and lively sure!

A Mystical Adventure To Sublimity!

When nothing happens according to wish, we seek the solace
Of Nature to calm down and proceed with our routine ever;
When nothing comes to our relief, we seek the bosom of love
Of our dear one to forget all and rejuvenate our self sure!

Mystical Dance To Enjoy Divine Bliss!

Dancing with a dizzy rapture divine bliss mystical lover
Indeed enjoys with his lady in Nature quite peaceful sure;
What a pleasure it is to experience in a spiritual ecstasy
None can even dream unless one has mystically visualized it!

Mystical Experience In High Altitude Of The World!

What a cold climate has set-in the outside town before rain comes!
Beautiful and lovely atmosphere makes it pleasant pleasure to enjoy;
Myna birds make lovely music sound as their voice call all fly free
In the Sky like the mystics do in harmony with Nature for bliss...!

A Mystical Discovery!

A great mystic poet of Nature enjoys bliss at will in communion with
Things of beauty in Nature whenever one sees flowers, lively rivers,
Communion of sea and sky at the horizon, snow mountains touching
Mists and clouds in the sky making spiraling staircase to heaven..!

A State Of Mystical Bliss!

A great wonder it is in that state;
Beautiful feeling one undergoes
Caught by the spell of Nature....!

A Mystical Truth!

Adventure in literature

Poets undertake to explore mystery

Mystical Communion With Nature!

The confluence of sea and sky at the horizon
Before sunset is beautiful and absorbing the
Whole soul besides heart and mind musing
In delightful fantasy solaced by cool breeze!

A Mystical Note On Clouds!

From childhood on I have great admiration for clouds;
Sans clouds of atmosphere we are nowhere on the Earth;
Seeing the clouds with Stars twinkling in between, we get
A lot of dreams started as stories told by our parents......!

A Mystical Bliss!

The winking eye Radha Krishna picture
Animated beautifully on computer screen
Transports all to the mystical state of bliss
By the eternal blissful music of the Lord!

A Brief Mystical Note!

A sudden down pour of rain with lightning and thunders
Has left some clouds forming everyday giving the doubts
Whether rain will come or not the torrid situation continues
Trapping heat of the day with heat waves even in the even!

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