Lawrence S. Pertillar Nostalgic Poems

Nostalgic Droppings

Surplus nonsense shoveled over,
To display another side of the same crap laid!
Pretending that it is different...
When someone else labels it grade A.

Nostalgic Wishes

So far ahead,
Has time from us gone.
Moving on to leave many of us,
Stuck in a comfort.

Nostalgic With No Gift To Innovate

Nostalgic with no gift to innovate.
And experiencing unintended consequences,
From a time that more complicates their lives.
Are the ones trying to coverup their mistakes with lies!

Preferring Nostalgic Glances

Trapped to rehearse and perfect practices,
To satisfy a doing with a purpose unclear.
Since the doing in an atmosphere,
Has made such practices...

Error Success