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$10 A Gallon?

$10 a gallon?
For what?

'Does that really matter now?

$5 A Barrel Of What?

Now sold at what?
Five dollars a barrel?
This is an immediate sign,

(the) Acceptance Of A Nothingness

Somehow the meaninglessness...
Many describe as senseless,
Has a meaningfulness...
In a useful kind of way.

A Broken Heart Within

A broken heart within me knows,
What loneliness is...
When it is left to linger,
And slowly grows to wither in wishes!

(the) Benefit Of Needless Conflict

Blessed are those,
Who awaken with insight!
Those who have been shakened,
From a need to maintain...

Lawrence S. Pertillar Quotes

08 April 2015

First qualify you can identify, What the lesson is to be taught. If a position of wisdom is to be taken. And before claiming a success to get, Can be achieved... Without sleeping to know, The meaning of failure. Or awakening to never again, Experience another nightmare. First qualify you can identify fear, To have it believed your doing of it... Has been conquered with it done successfully.

05 December 2019

Persistence! No one is given. Nor is incentive. Motivation with desire to excell. Whatever is wished to want to get, Involves the effort to endeavor it. And dreams to fulfill, Comes to those willing to sacrifice... Time remaining disciplined.

30 July 2020

Do the best you can. And feel good about the doing of it. Making that feeling felt to know, Only you can feel it better. Without anyone to recommend, Or suggest how that is done.

28 December 2020

If it isn't, it wasn't. Yet it could be done to do! Leaving no one to debate, Or feel it necessary to argue... Over possibilities. And the reality of them, Accomplished. Without delusion to present it. Or fiction created, To involve with it to start! There is nothing like effort. With it to endeavor. That seems to close mouths, Open to exaggerations... To embellish. And visions to have them, Exclusively. No one else's believes or sees!

Lawrence S. Pertillar Comments

Justin Reamer 17 May 2012

Lawrence is a great poet. He knows how to make his poetry flow with good rhythm and rime, while at the same time he knows how to depict his message through his tone of voice. He is probably one of the great modern poets of all time.

13 16 Reply
Wahab Abdul 06 May 2012

He is one of the greatest poems among the moderns, he is one of my favorites, he is innovative and leader of our time in the field of poetry.

11 14 Reply
Patricia Grantham 24 June 2013

Lawrence is a very good Poet. He uses his words wisely and with distinction. I am very honored to be a part of of his poetry fellowship. In plain old fashioned words he does not Beat around the bush in his usage of the English language. Thanks to you honorable poet.

13 12 Reply
Rachel Dowd 04 December 2012

He reminds me of my beloved Grandpa His name was Lawrence too

9 14 Reply
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 19 February 2012

As Lawrence does not write like me, I like to read his poem. His poems do not have any attachment and it looks very strange to me. A Good poet.

9 14 Reply
Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

A great and very talented poet.....God bless you dear friend...///

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svdsvd 11 March 2020

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 December 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets in Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Lawrence S. Pertillar born in February,1947 in Connecticut, USA as, 'Sumptuous Reality.' This title is offered to him due to his long-time and continuous perseverance and contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as, 'Sumptuous Reality Lawrence S. Pertillar.' We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this.

3 0 Reply
Tan Pratonix 25 October 2017

I can say Lawrence is a good man. He encourages good poets. Hope he shoots down the bad ones. He writes very well. Great command of the English language (sadly murdered by the Ninjuns today on PH) . Lots of wit and wisdom in his poetry. I hope his poems have been published.17,874 poems is staggering! Lawrence, are you a poem-machine? ? ? ? I truly hope you've reached success on the Poetry Front. I couldn't find you on FB. But you must be somewhere. Keep up the good work!

4 0 Reply