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Gracious Love

The feeling I have inside for you
For you my love anything I’ll do
The glow and gracious beauty in your smile
You make me feel as though I can fly


Whenever you pass along the streets
Men gaze in a smile and bow at your feet
Especially when you’re covered in garments of blue
Some sit and think how they can get inside you

Mothers Love

Sometimes I sit and wonder
Am I to always sit and ponder?
You were here and suddenly left in a flash
Is this an opinion or it a fact

Silent Killer

Like a venomous Cobra I’ll sit and wait
Which one will slip? Whose life will I take?
The poison I release is bitter and dread
It will take you slowly but soon you’ll be dead

Silent Voice

Sometimes I sit and watch the sky
Sometimes I sit and wonder why
Was my life to be this way?
What do my parents have to say?

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