Aaron Hassette Poems

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Gracious Love

The feeling I have inside for you
For you my love anything I’ll do
The glow and gracious beauty in your smile
You make me feel as though I can fly


Whenever you pass along the streets
Men gaze in a smile and bow at your feet
Especially when you’re covered in garments of blue
Some sit and think how they can get inside you

Mothers Love

Sometimes I sit and wonder
Am I to always sit and ponder?
You were here and suddenly left in a flash
Is this an opinion or it a fact

Silent Killer

Like a venomous Cobra I’ll sit and wait
Which one will slip? Whose life will I take?
The poison I release is bitter and dread
It will take you slowly but soon you’ll be dead

Silent Voice

Sometimes I sit and watch the sky
Sometimes I sit and wonder why
Was my life to be this way?
What do my parents have to say?

White Band

Like the huge Titanic, so big and strong
Along the way something went wrong
The petty I now feel inside for you
Why my friend? What did you do?


There he site in his lonely home
Reflecting on the triumph of life all alone
The trials and tribulations that came every season
Was all this suffering and pain for any reason?


I never wanted it be this way
Why did you take so long to say?
The feelings you had for me inside
You hold it in and choose to hide

Am I Ready?

You ask if I am ready but what about you?
I give you my heart now what will you do?
You ask me how far I am willing to go
I’ll go to the moon and you wouldn’t even know

The Magic

The life you lived was so short and sweet
You’ve accomplished things no one can meet
A champ at 14, a record you make
What can they call you? Nothing but great