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Isn't there time for everything?
living in night of terror,
When fear and grieve is deeply flying in the darkness of the skies.
Yet i shall survive.

The storm strike a blister on the roof's top
Crackling-clang with a loud shot
Tree's loosing it fastening knot
Leaves falling from crops

When your eyes were flooded.
I wiped the sorrow and agony.
When you needed me.
I stood up for you.

sleeping in comfort
luxury surroundings
pleasure arousing aroma of delicious foods
They claim the city

Heart fluttering
Tongue stuttering
Because you named your title "plutocrat"
You bought their peace

Islam in my vein
And i stand firm to support its name
The light lightening my aim

The faction based on realistic fact is fortuitous.
Precluding from the problems of reality is to focus on oranges you are carrying and not the snakes crawling beneath you.
To be overcomed by a disorder does not mean you are not liable of kicking the flaming ball.
The revaning clouds shall not long stay.

Do you think the tickling of the second hand on a clock is in vein.
The disparity between you and i is dilated.
My impecuniousity does not mean am worthless.
You touchered me when i needed caring most.l'll rise

The spartans are up to uphill the hill.
The spartans do not retreat nor surrender.
The ability to unveiled the veiled.
The power to over see the unseen.

Heart hard like iron fist.
Blood spilling like waterfalls.
screaming loud like lunatics.
They are the blood tasty giants.

Such an incredible scenes occuring.
This a dead pool.
What happened?
why do you want to know.

Little simple lies lie in the heart of simple beings.
Like moon, like stars with certainty of tides.
Lovers drowned as a result of tremulous pleasure.
Enemies appear only in the site of treasure.

Such a gigantic tree.
Heads made of three.
Branches swinging free.
Birds set-off and flee.

You have been the one and only medication my heart needs to function.
You have been the only part my heart needs to be complete.
My heart is not filled till you enter.
My heart is quenched by the views you display.

I had a dream in the heart of a great nation.
It wasn't too real but needs to be mentioned.
I realize i was in the hut of temptation.
But i only saw that when i came to a realization.

Tiny rivulet snakes down my cheek
After i got injured by your beak
Heart bleeding out pain as a result of your treat
Heart trembling even after your cheat


Let me display my inner intentions.
You cannot lecture on unknown information.
All your thoughts has no weight.

In the casket of this world saw the perpetual and startling rose
As bright as the daylight
The master of masseurs
Does her work, a smooth-thrilling-luxurious touch

She bark aloud at the feeble young boy
Living in dishevelled cottage
No means of shelter assured
Rags worn day-in day-out

Forever will their alacrity to commit development and success
To our country remain in our remembrance
Lets ajar the curtains of the world of the dead
To plead for their unfinished visions into our palms

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Am a person of Abdulbasit Ismail.Am a Ghanaian and born in a city, kotobabi in the capital city of Ghana. I attended my primary school at harrow int.sch. Am now in my final year in a high school, Alzhariya Islamic sch.Am born in the hands of Aishatu sallah and Ismail Sallah respectively.)

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I Shall Survive

Isn't there time for everything?
living in night of terror,
When fear and grieve is deeply flying in the darkness of the skies.
Yet i shall survive.
Wondrous scenes happen in favor of the distressed.
But the wicked does not notify.
This happens wondrously by nature.
They have no axe to grind.
Beating human to resemble the slaughtering of sheep.
I shall survive.
Their bloody tears is full of anger and rage.
Their sweat displays agony and pain.
Scars and wound promises action.
Heart filled with hatred.
They must walk on egg shell to prevent flaming fist.
Cos, the warpath of nature will rise to the extend of upsetting the apple cart.

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Abdul Basit Ismail Popularity

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