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I was born to an ordinary family. My parents were not educated formally but they invest into me to get good and enough education. I was fortunate to have some great teachers who involved me in the knowledge and learning.

I got my BS in Information Technology from Virtual University of Pakistan in 2007. I got my B.Ed. from Abdul Wali Khan Universi ...

Abdul Sattar Poems


When the soft mild eyes sore
The moment is pleasant no more
The heart strings does not play
The song of beauty is no more heard

The Red Rose

The red rose wept for long
Upon the autumn sad song

And then recovered from grief

Heart And Night

When the gloomy evening appear
When heart breaks and eye tear
When there is silence in the world
When the gloomy night come


When I was a child
Just after one year in school
I read a lesson “ My Sweet Home”
There was a beautiful lawn

Feeling Like Ocean

Put your hand in ocean
And pour all the water in thy palm
Then can you find my love’s limit
Can you find the spark of emotion?

Abdul Sattar Quotes

15 October 2020

Nothing is perfect but to be perfect is the real struggle.

15 October 2020

Life is not a game to play with it, it's simply a struggle to survive.

15 October 2020

Your all struggle cannot be wasted.

03 June 2021

If time comes when you want to try for better then do try, don't hesitate.

03 June 2021

Always support good and love humanity, do no support bad even if you lose everything.

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