Frustration Poem by Abdul Sattar


Rating: 4.7

When the soft mild eyes sore
The moment is pleasant no more
The heart strings does not play
The song of beauty is no more heard
The mood is feeling dejection
Headache begins to violate
The laws of peace and brain
The nerves feel sever pain
All is well but not well again
Thoughts are captured by dismay
Nights comes in the bright day
Day suffers with the night's gloom
And happiness vanishes from the screen
Then hold your pen and write
The story of your sorrows and fatigue
Converge your words on a paper
Like roses on a bunch hanging down
Feel yourself in nature's hands
Select colorers of your dream
And make a bunch of rosy words
To hide the thorns of frustration

Wahab Abdul 13 October 2012

excellent poem, i love it

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Karen Sinclair 13 October 2012

A really nice piece, with much merit in the complex thoughts which engulf us sometimes, although obviously this specific track is from the writer..i found the changing rhyme ran comfortable with the subject in hand but was a bit difficult to read in points...tyvm and plz note this is just my impression...the last two lines are the perfect tie up...tyvm karen

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Sandra Feldman 14 October 2012

Roses are my favorite flower, Rosy words, perfect. Never thought of words as flowers but I love the idea.and the image, the thorns of frustration, great description of this psychological devastator. Excellent poem, sets life's mood and truth. Only Poetry can say so much with so few words.-

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Soulful Heart 13 October 2013

A great poem......I cud connect it to so many moments of life simple n perfect....

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Soulful Heart 13 October 2014

congrats deserves to be the poem for every individual.....inspirational....10/10......write ur pain and dissapointments colouring them with shades of ur dreams.....very useful trick...

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Neela Nath Das 13 October 2014

A beautiful poem.Congrats!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 13 October 2014

excellent write..each line is measured with theme..

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 13 October 2014

A great poem and wonderful ideas and messages through it. Irrespective of these frustrations and sore eye we will go forward, and make the world beautiful for a better tomorrow.

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Liliana ~el 13 October 2013

Whoahhh Intense! I was thinking of/singing Carry On by Fun.

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