Abdul Sattar

Rookie - 20 Points (13 May 1977 / Swabi)

Abdul Sattar Poems

1. It Doesn’t Matter 9/20/2005
2. I Do Not Remember 9/22/2005
3. The Moon 9/24/2005
4. Thousands Years Will Pass Hundreds Eyes Will See 9/18/2005
5. There Were Colours 9/18/2005
6. Return Me My Teen Age 1/23/2005
7. A Rose Fell Down 12/23/2005
8. The Moon Is So Pale Today 12/23/2005
9. A Stranger Passed By 12/25/2005
10. Word Never Dies 12/25/2005
11. A Cup Of Tea 12/26/2005
12. Someone Calls Me 12/26/2005
13. Things Are Imaginary 12/26/2005
14. The Soul Never Rests 12/29/2005
15. As I Love The Rose 4/6/2006
16. A Hurtful Dream 7/8/2006
17. Just In Time 7/8/2006
18. Another Wave Of Grief (From A Story In The News About A Lebanese) 8/8/2006
19. Pain 10/14/2006
20. How Soft Was My Bed 1/25/2005
21. I Search The Light 1/21/2005
22. The Spirit 1/14/2005
23. Madness 1/31/2005
24. Let Me Think 1/25/2005
25. To The Friend 1/29/2005
26. O, Night O Calm Night 1/25/2005
27. Where Every Thing Is Bright 1/17/2005
28. My Brother 12/29/2005
29. O Good Solitude 1/8/2006
30. The Morning Dew 1/13/2006
31. Oh, Justice If I Could Find You? 3/9/2006
32. The Delicate Moment 2/1/2005
33. Upon Your Departure 1/17/2005
34. The Son Of Mountains 9/18/2005
35. Love Is Sacrifice In The East 9/18/2005
36. The Stolen Happiness 9/18/2005
37. Confidence 12/3/2006
38. In This Dark Night 12/3/2006
39. Unveiled Beauty 12/3/2006
40. Dividing The World 3/17/2007

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Best Poem of Abdul Sattar

The Red Rose

The red rose wept for long
Upon the autumn sad song

And then recovered from grief
And shattered the wet green leaf

The spring is there but the tears
Of lover, the autumn how bears

The little heart in search of charm
Is beating and beating and warm

The red rose is watching the gloom
Of the lover’s heart being in boom

His beloved had nodded him back
The rose from him she does not take

The nature feeling warmth is now cold
The autumn will take him in firm hold

The beauty will go leaving the scars
Of drowning moon and falling...

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There Were Colours

There were colours red and green
Brown, yellow, white and blue
Some I took for my imagination
Some I took just for you
Then I thought how they are
So beautiful, good and charming
The green is for cooling heart
While the red is for it’s warming
The blue is for tracing the mind