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Born in the Northern part of Nigeria in west Africa, schooled across the country. Abdulhakim sees himself more as a poetaster, writer, biographer, song-writer with an eccentric personality. Abdulhakim is a graduate of Mathematics/Computer Science, A Software and web Applications Developer and ICT consultant based in Abuja, Nigeria.

He had lost a left limb to an accident in 1999.
(I have come far in life...but i hope am able to prove that you are only but what you think)

A Creative mind....

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The Best Poem Of Abdulhakim Haliru

Woman Phenomenon

I thought I knew her only now i know
she is deeper than i know.
She is a Phenomenal Woman

I concluded i would buy her so i worked hard
got rich but she choosed a pauper.
She is a Phenomenal Woman
I wished I had struck friendship with her but
would she have consented?
She is opinionated
very opinionated.

She is a Phenomenal Woman
Some day, Some how, somewhere
I would find her and then
she will be the shallow and me deep.
and then again, She is a Phenomenal woman

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Abdulhakim Haliru Popularity

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