Abdur Rob Rob Poems

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Heart & Mind

The doll game you hid
Behind the self of matured life.
There you are sitting before you.

Raga Jhinjhoti

The raga you hear at night,
Can hear it in the winter sunshine.
Close your eyes, standing, you will see everything.
Suppressing the sounds of a hawker or helicopter

Waiting For The Rain To Stop

The whole rainy season was over, standing under a closed shop in the village corner, waiting for the rain to stop. The sky in the clear blue of fall was filled with white clouds moving towards eternity. Innumerable morning went through, hearing birds chirping.

- Translated by poet


Will cuckoo stop laying eggs to another bird's nest if taught morality? Won't. So, I don't teach them morals. Instead, I sit silently waiting for the flowers to be bloomed.

- Translated by poet

The Shadow Of The Firefly

Time lets
I will be nowhere
In your city plan;
Without me, new cities and suburbs

A Poem Written By All The Poets Of The World

Poetry in the pandemic world
Garden of Zero,
Flowers bloom in the garden, butterflies come
Goes back

The Head Of Fools

When you spoke of wisdom
I think I'm a fool,
So I don't like you
Do you understand, Pandit?


Once I could see in the dark
Liquid Distance -
Needle-faced, black light.
Stars shining like radium;


Birth is not history,
Just coming down from mother's womb.
You can stay in the mother's womb for nine months — not more.
So, come out screaming,

The Unfamiliar Wind

At the base of that night
One star fell,
Even today, he is like destiny in my chest
A wound that has been cut;

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