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While morning sunbeam
Evaporated my dreams
Journey through green
Tea gardens and serene scene

It was half past ten
Of thirty ten
When the little stone ran
Ran towards citadel

Morning Sun rays of spring
Play hide and seek with flying clouds
Giggle of honeymooning couple

Educated but knowledge obsolete
The day I became bureaucrat
By vaulting from proletariat
No, I believe myself to be an aristocrat

You said it louder than words
Much louder than thunder storm
Of love and dedication
Of unbroken promises

Did you kill me friend?
Did you kill my partner?
The Karachi Project killed 500 Indians
Where is Karachi?

Runs at its pace
Democracy Autocracy
Communism Socialism

One fine morning
I woke up from a deep slumber
I could not remember
How long I had been sleeping

Under the deep blue ocean
A dormant volcano
Slowly and steadily
Getting volatile

Farmers cheer a lot
Dripping sound of downpour from rooftop
Green morning a bright spot

You see
I feel
Thousand colours

Roots of leafless banyan tree
Covered the rock clad old palace

My broken heart bleeds...

Life is a journey
Quivering way
Having simple goals
Idealist impoverished poet friends

Mama, let the world stop as it is
Mama, let the time stop as it is
Mama, let this landscape remain forever as it is
Why these leaves are falling

Whirlpools of hilly Spring River
Thump and dance on adamant rock bed
Dimple of my smiling dream girl


I found a shelter
Near the trench
The trench of oblivion
I wore a mask

Flamboyant eyes search divinity
While wasted morning kills the cup of tea
Revolving chair feels eternity
Red ribbon pause the play button of fantasy

Under breezy shower of spring
Heart pounding Frogs crackling and jumping
Time for copulating

Drops of Joy
Soon evaporated in space
The landslide

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Born in Jorhat, Assam, India)

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Tea Plucking Girl

While morning sunbeam
Evaporated my dreams
Journey through green
Tea gardens and serene scene
A cup of green tea should be a rejoinder
Romantic morning reminder
I kissed fervently hot
Little tea plucking girl with her sun burnt face
Appeared in window sill
Looking at my steam struck eyes
“Dear poet
Wish you were not kissing on my blood and sweat”

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Nirdosh Kumar 09 April 2010

You are a great poet sir. i read your poem. it is a lovely poem really. & plz give me some trips for write the poems.

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