Abraham John Jaggernauth

Rookie - 266 Points (1-14-1992 / Trinidad & Tobago)

Abraham John Jaggernauth Poems

1. The Invisible Secret, Societies Hobo. 6/1/2012
2. The Face Of Betrayal 6/28/2012
3. The Poet And The Paper 7/9/2012
4. The Inner Man 7/16/2012
5. Crimson Blue 4/6/2013
6. Salutation 5/15/2013
7. Candle Light 5/26/2013
8. Happiness 6/12/2013
9. The Sweetness Of Love 6/14/2013
10. A Strange Life. 8/15/2013
11. No Return 8/22/2013
12. Even Tides 5/22/2013
13. The Fight Within 9/27/2013
14. This Mess Won'T Die 10/13/2013
15. Pain That Leads To Freedom 11/6/2013
16. Conquer And Command 12/15/2013
17. Beginning 1/9/2014
18. Tale Of An Old Design! 4/14/2015
19. Learning To Hope Again 4/18/2015
20. Dead Silence 11/5/2015
21. Disgrace 11/25/2015
22. Sadness 12/21/2015
23. As Soon! 12/24/2015
24. The Book 12/24/2015
25. Moonlight 2/5/2016
26. A New World 4/4/2016
27. Another Day 4/17/2012
28. Cancel The Debt 3/18/2014
29. Love 8/13/2013
30. Living Life's Dream 1/17/2014
31. Fade Grey 4/14/2015
32. Fair Maiden, The Titanic 4/23/2012
Best Poem of Abraham John Jaggernauth

Fair Maiden, The Titanic

Searching amidst, the sea of depths
The waves are crashing, under-swept
For today, another one has gone
Under, under, asunder beyond

To a dreary place, all dark and damp
To places so wide, and yet so cramp
Among the many, yet to be
And the others, there far beneath

These days are lonesome, and so wait
Among the tides, a trenched deep fate
The makings of something, born anew
But what is it she said, sinking too

To the end, she found her sin
Assumptions of pardon, passed within
Though still, a float she sat
She sat, she waited, then ...

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The Inner Man

Beneath, beneath, the inner depths; lies One, whose heart is swept.
To fade beneath and make a way, He enters inside and makes His stay.
To bane His stay, to pain Him away; to make Him a prisoner at bay.
To waste His say, and leave Him stray; to deny the One inlay.
He waits awaits the only day, you recognize Him, if only today.
To make Him, the One you wait, the One you hope; the only faith.
This One yes, in He waits; He waits He awaits; you, to affirm His Place.

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