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He was not a man
The one who fell from my eyes..
He was not a man,
He was a saint and stripped!

I named you Cain
The sky for your eyes...is smiling
the birds just for you.. are singing
While me


My father and I are a like each other
He was born to another father
And I came from nowhere

I say..how will I quit your love
and I am a daily worker like the ashes
slit the dust of silence
wipe the fingerprint on my heart

to all my past suffering
and my current pains
and my waiting for the next dawn
from my laughs day break

like a nightmare on a bed
I was walking in my fog
stepping in my alienation
kneeling down carrying the

a sign
there is a sign
for terrible things

If it was a dream.. from my spate fingers,
I would draw you a rose
And on my eyeball I would plant you a longing smile
You would be a home, reduce the evening in a star

I have one homeland
His name is you
The earth …to me
it means

Poem by /Gharam Al-Rubaye
Translated by/ Ibtissam Ibrahim alasady, Iraq
A stray bullet
On the remand of pouring pain

I've just known …
for the sun set in my lips
A thousand wishes fade away
And for yesterdaypresent

The day we leave
What will we write
Above the crust of the time?
Do we say, we were born, lived, died

Just for you.... written byGharam Al-Rubaiy
translated by Abtissam Ibrahim
Since the oldest mania and I
Empty tale of a time

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poetess, journalist writer and translator I was born in Baghdad 1980 PLEASE NOTE: All my poems here, are written at the first time in Arabic then I translate them into English, if you want to translate them to another language, please just tell me)

The Best Poem Of Ibtissam Ibrahim

Martyrs' Bridge

Don't be sad
All homes are hanging
On the Martyrs' Bridge!

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We only forgive those we love As for the others, we leave them for days Ibtissam Ibrahim Iraq

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Ibtissam Ibrahim Popularity

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