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Abu Sufian – who is also known as The Silent Poet – is a poet and writer. His poems have been published in literary journals including Scarlet Leaf Review, Criterion, Literary Voyage, The Literary Herald, Tuck Magazine and Clairvoyance. Sufian also contributed in four international poetry anthologies: Voice of Monarch Butterflies (2016) , Apple Fru ...
Popular Poems
Against My Will
As I fall down in your heart's ocean,
as I go deeper,
I realize there is a little chance to get up.
There is hardly any intention to stop going down.
The Stranger Beloved
I fell down, deep inside, at the core of your heart,
I can hear the heart-beatings,
Sense the emotions and touch the unsaid words hidden in.
Having known your secrets—the unshared memories,
The Vigil
The Moon is not sleeping,
So do I.
Pains are peeping into my heart,
As the Moon is rotating with lights around the Earth.
When dark night shadowed by stormy clouds,
Can the moon penetrate its rays to the world?
When your soul veiled and hidden underneath vanity,
Can my soul touch your soul's fragrance?
It was a serene night of November
Night starts darkening the globe solemnly
A soul then came to being, I was born.
Popular Quotes
26 June 2015
The happiest people among us are those who can sleep when they want to...
26 June 2015
If you think killing people is a solution to a problem, I not only disagree with you but also I hate your perspective.
26 June 2015
Our generation delimited the definition & horizon of Love in a box that mainly refers to love between a boy & a girl. Love has a broader & profound meaning beyond this box. Surely, the highest state of love is Love of God, a love between creations & the Creator.
26 June 2015
Though we love to think that we are civilized & developed than that of people lived centuries ago. In reality, the world is still run through the principle of 'Might is right'. Whoever - government or individual - has more power & money is dominating and, in many cases, oppressing people who are financially & politically weaker.
26 June 2015
All my life I didn't emphasise on money. Like many of us, I used to say 'Money is nothing/not everything'. In reality, to be honest, it is the single thing that most people on earth run after & live for. Perhaps, it won't be wrong to say 'Money plays a bigger role' & it shouldn't be looked down upon. ‪#‎Money‬‬‬‬‬‬


Tony Khan 07 April 2021
WOW! I think Abu Sufian is a modern day sufi. His poems are veiled with mystery and spirituality.
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Tushar Khan 26 October 2018
I really love to read his poem. His poem 'Without a Heart' is a short poem but touched my heart.
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Abdulla Al Mamum 26 October 2018
Among the English poetry readers, Abu Sufian is quite popular, especially through his poetry page. The national and International media made news about his work. Here is one from Australia: Abu Sufian’s poems appeared in four international poetry anthologies: Voice of Monarch Butterflies (2016) , Apple Fruits of an Old Oak (2016) , Where Are You From? (2017) and Dandelion in a Vase of Roses (2017) . Source: https: //goo.gl/bmBNP6
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Imran Mahmud 28 February 2018
Bangladeshi writer’s poem published in International Poetry Anthology Bangladeshi young writer Abu Sufian’s poems got published in an international anthology titled Dandelion in a Vase of Roses released from USA. The anthology features the poems of 98 poets from 37 countries across the world with divergent cultural, religious and national backgrounds. Sufian has placed his position strongly in the contemporary English poetry written by diasporic writers of Bangladeshi origin.
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