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Dear Mr. Distance,

I have a soul across your seas.
When she shall set out

I lent my heart to the finest breeze,
Sat my soul upon the stillness of its
And wandered far and wide-

The compact city of bustling calm
where colours of diverse cultures and ancient tribe
tread to form the rainbow that festooned her roof

Before the fete of my birth,
life forced it's fiendish fingers
into my feline eyes
and stud my light with

Smokes rises from our yards
Yet our yawns stretches for miles
I have seen barns erected
But were brim-filled with naught

Captain! Captain! ! A century on this sorry stretch,
Still the shore cloaks in the deep of the horizon.
My condolence to our coughing boat.
We sailed and sailed on reoccurring miles

These tears pinched from my poetry shall never slack;
They are the tears of roses rooted in black bricks,
They are the tears against the laughters of leeches
Flaunting kegs of brewed blood,

Remember the youth durbar
When you twist yourself
Like salted worm
At the blaring of wonderous drums

Our footprints are young markings
On the damp earth of Anguwan Daji
This is where the wind whistles
And whisk away our destinies like worn foliage.

By the stream in the meadow
Sat a belle jeweled in sparkles
Relishing the smiling serenity
Her hair billowed like a cascade of confetti

I have witnessed the discolouration of the rains
That triggers the treeing of my Africa
I have seen the bittering of brews
Tapped from the proud breasts of her palms


Dawn sprawls softly on your eyelashes
Adaobi of immeasureable beauty
Your desire trees in me like Africa
In the heart of Nelson Mandela


Where God spreads His mat and sit
On fine stretch of green weeds
And songs blare from sagging yards

Abubakar Abdulkadir Biography

Abubakar Abdulkadir was born in Zungeru, niger state of Nigeria. he is a budding poet who rose admist the dirt that defaced his country to seek peace, justice and love for the nation through the rythm of pen. In an era where majour showpieces are corruption, bombing etc he is still drew line between his creativity and the traumatizing reality of his nation.)

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A Letter To Distance

Dear Mr. Distance,

I have a soul across your seas.
When she shall set out
After eons of sick meals
To taste the burger of my heart
Dished in black wares of homeland,
Do trim the nails of your roads
And shut the gasping mouth of your miles.

Do direct the songbirds plying your presence
With this slice of words to my soul;
That without her tapped soliloquy in my skull,
My night does dissolve behind distant knolls,
My lids fumble to hook sleep
And liberate me from screeching winds.

Dear comrade distance,
Whisper to her lighter than the breeze
Which your fretful seas cannot strangle;
Say I still smell the lavender of her warmth
Despite decades even rot of our last embrace.
I still see her glows quenching the sun.

I am dead of romancing vacancy.
When she shall set out to reclaim her throne
Kindly fold yourself beneath her soles.

Yours in trust

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