Achilles Mauko Poems

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My Beloved

My beloved is mine and I am hers
She who is finer than imagination
She has ravished my heart with her eyes
Her eyes, like doves by the rivers of waters


Yester night I had a morbid dream
Like a Sheikh In a forbidden harem
The messenger of death smiled at me
And in a rare case, bent at my face

To you Esmil
The beauty in your smile
And the glow in your eye
As to when I look at them

The Woman In Your Dream

That woman I see in your dreams
Her hand is lifeless, everything she touches die
Her breathe, every plant withers, dry
She only dances to music made of a living cry

The Dead Too Have A Feeling

Into my silent land I sleep
In your chaotic world,
I admire you breath

When you look down at the ants

Street Poets In Chains

Nothing shall stand between a man and his mind
Not guns, not prisons, not men in uniforms
So Poppa, Musambati Shira, Ian and volkanoh
While you make friends with the bugs in the dungeon

Withered Royalty

Upon this cliff, rests, Silence,
Series of dreams, broken
Deep the running river, sits
My very shadow, wounded

Fragile Passions

Shattered flings, scissored down
Into sharp fragments of broken glass,
Feelings of betrayed, stabbed soul:
Bleeding flower, laughing flies,

Redemption Through Sacrifice

We buds of 1982, Chant salutes and clang shields,
To mock the silken knot, the loose noose at your collars,
Your names, like an army of resurrected aborted infants,
Bring chills across the wombs of the wives of your executioners

An Elegy To Abandoned Paths

The witty pages by the sword of the modern poet is fallen
The natural musings by the inks of a young poet left barren
Of these dog days, shall we not bid the whispering wind?

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