My Beloved Poem by Achilles Mauko

My Beloved

Rating: 5.0

My beloved is mine and I am hers
She who is finer than imagination
She has ravished my heart with her eyes
Her eyes, like doves by the rivers of waters
Her teeth washed with milk and tightly set
Hair so tender and smooth
Her lips are like scarlet ribbon

Oh! How lovely you are
All beautiful you are my darling
Your beauty has no equal
Your cheeks rivals a bed of spices
The fragrance of your breath
Bypasses banks of scented herbs
Your body wonderfully carved
The work of a skilful workman
In you there is no flaw
Yours is the perfection of an intention

In your tears
I find water to wash my soul
And in your laughter
Gladness to bubble my heart

Sweet one
Would you set me a seal upon your heart?
A seal upon your arm
For the strength of your love is like death
Its jealousy, cruel as the grave
Vehement flame its synonym
Roaring flood can’t drown your love
Neither can many waters quench it
My beloved

Heather Wilkins 05 August 2013

a beautiful write about your beloved. very sweet and touching

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Ray Carpenter 23 August 2011

Your creativity and imagery impress me.I love this poem.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 14 June 2011

Full of tender feelings. Incredibly well. Great imagery. Fine poetics. I rated it 10/10. Kindly read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2.

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without a name Face 14 June 2011

Beautifully writen, I have to say i'm a bit Jealous of whoever that was for.....

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Tai Chi Italy 14 June 2011

There is a lot of love surrounding this site tonight. Your poem expresses it in the most beautifully earlier century romantic style, with great skill and affection. A most admirable poem to honor such a love as you bestow upon one lucky person. I like your name. Love suits it well. Smiling at you Tai

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