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My Beloved

My beloved is mine and I am hers
She who is finer than imagination
She has ravished my heart with her eyes
Her eyes, like doves by the rivers of waters


Yester night I had a morbid dream
Like a Sheikh In a forbidden harem
The messenger of death smiled at me
And in a rare case, bent at my face

To you Esmil
The beauty in your smile
And the glow in your eye
As to when I look at them

The Woman In Your Dream

That woman I see in your dreams
Her hand is lifeless, everything she touches die
Her breathe, every plant withers, dry
She only dances to music made of a living cry

The Dead Too Have A Feeling

Into my silent land I sleep
In your chaotic world,
I admire you breath

When you look down at the ants

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franciscah achilles 29 December 2017

loving ur creativity

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Currently a law student at Kenyatta University

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