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when dark and light come to bind
heart and soul form a line
dark yet gray
warmth of day

I sit and I stare
At this blank paper sheet.
A head full of despair
And a rising of heat.

The wind sores
A lovely sound
The ocean roars
My mind is locked

*before you read just wanted to say that my friend and i had to use vocab words to make a poem. we passed the paper back and forth and this is what we got...

every one is googling
to find some ratatouille


I had an idea
But where could it be
I had it right here
Right in front of me

All odds seem to be against me.
All people tell me that this is wrong,
But a thousand fools can think a foolish thought,
And it will still be a foolish thought.

I wear a mask.
A mask fashioned of meaningless words.
At times people regard this mask.
They find it amusing or entertaining,

*so this is a monologue that I gave in front of my creative writing class. I'm not so sure it constitutes as poetry but I thought I’d just throw it out there anyway.

So listen up. I have a few words to say. Pay attention now. Are you listening? Did you just shake your head in a subtle way? Ha ha. It’s ok. Now I’m not going to sit here and try to sound wise. I’m not saying I’m even true in what I say. But if my words have any effect on you, any at all, well then I guess it was worth saying.

I am a book with neither a title, nor pictures.
You cannot merely scan through my pages and see what I have to tell.
You must look much deeper than that.
For my words are meaningless,

My heart is pounding
And yet I feel not the work I am doing
Its funny
These people I never knew

you my love by my side
you and I we shall ride
far, far, far away
from morning

from the morning through the light
to the darkness of the night
you my love close to me
they will not let us be

Those who are happy
And those who are sad
Gather around and listen
To one who is mad.

To afraid to speak my mind
Through my cheesy words,
And silly rhymes.
I use cliché sayings


I can lie to a stranger.
I can lie to a foe.
I can lie to my parents.
I can lie to my friends.

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Twilight (Not The Freeking Movie)

when dark and light come to bind
heart and soul form a line
dark yet gray
warmth of day
harsh and fright
cold of night
behold the sight
of twilight

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