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adam shipley Poems

1. Darkness Of The Light 4/28/2009
2. The Book 4/28/2009
3. One Step At A Time 4/28/2009
4. Far Away 4/28/2009
5. Shark Of The Night 4/28/2009
6. Idea 4/29/2009
7. Soul Vs Logic 5/11/2009
8. The Mask 5/11/2009
9. Another Piece Of The Puzzle 5/29/2009
10. Wisdom Of A Mad Man 6/15/2009
11. The Awkward Kid 6/16/2009
12. Lies 6/16/2009
13. Ratatouille And The Disease Infested Rat 4/29/2009
14. A Day At The Beach 6/8/2009
15. Her Secret 6/15/2009
16. Twilight (Not The Freeking Movie) 4/28/2009
Best Poem of adam shipley

Twilight (Not The Freeking Movie)

when dark and light come to bind
heart and soul form a line
dark yet gray
warmth of day
harsh and fright
cold of night
behold the sight
of twilight

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The Book

I am a book with neither a title, nor pictures.
You cannot merely scan through my pages and see what I have to tell.
You must look much deeper than that.
For my words are meaningless,
And never make any sense.
But if you learn to read between the lines,
You’ll find a story more extravagant then anything you could have ever thought possible.

This is the story of dreams.

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