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a friend said to face your fears
but what if you've lost your face
what if all you have left are a few strands of hair sticking out your guts

Brush and paint your
Rooms of ideas and
Open door opportunities like
Windows of love and happiness

Ten Things I Hate About You

1. I hate that you make plans with me, but you only make them to break them.

I understood the scarf tied around your head when I watched you tug at it. The scantily threaded scarf you could hardly trade almost giving way yet you were barely worn out from all that wearing.

I understood because I could see my reflection on the face of your scarf. Myself all worn and torn from exhaustion more than from age. Exhausted from your preferential treatment of scorn and judgement.

Those that we bottled up and labeled 'bestie'
Back in time
Like the beasts of burden
Fell for us but we fell too

The blood, it cakes under the sun
The blood on the soil
When you first hear of blood
Which is it you think of

My opinion is in a messy box
It used to follow a sect of duck-trines in that same box
Duck-trines groomed in the form of a spider
It was caught in the spider's web which wilt wider



He's sitting there like an open book, waiting for me to read him
A part of him poking out, waiting for me to search him

Early to bed

I'm seeking sleep eagerly
Cause I want to have my color when I wake up in the morning

Sweet motherhood 1

It's a special delight talking about her children
About the things they said and the way they had said the things they said

Class upon class
Meet at an edge
Discuss briefings from a steady hand cut ledge
What happens in class

Isolated Heart

I stepped out of my heart today,

Adaobi Chiemelu Biography

Adaobi Chiemelu was brought up in South-East Nigeria. She started her journey with spoken word poetry since the year 2014. The beauty of life inspires her art.)

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Baa Baa Black Sheep



Black sheep, have you any shame? Walking in that tufted behind and scoffing though that's lame.
Let me tell my own story and you'll see we're the same,
Two people on a blank page though we don't share the same name.

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Yashim David George 13 November 2022

I tried to understand the black sheep. You took a cliche and suspended it. At one point it became paradoxical. See you around Adaobi.

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