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‘Is there a problem darling? ’
‘Just leave me alone mom! ’
She banged the door on her mom’s innocent blink
This was the home she wanted to run away from.

When they brought me in on a wheelchair
All I saw was a man looking outside the only window
Occupying the faraway bed seemed fair
As he was the one who described the meadows.

Why you sleep, oh why?
There are already enough stars in the sky
Why you sleep, oh why?
On the bed so silently you lie.

Let your imagination run wild
Imagine a caged man!
Laughing outside is a bird’s child
Not just one man but the whole clan!

As I walk on the moist grass
Looking around in the pale light
At the flowers colored like rusted brass
And trees whistling in the lonely night.

You are like the sun which gives light,
The darkness who hugs the sky at night.
You are like stars which gives cheer,
I wish you always stay near!

She is staring at the full moon
A lonely lovely little girl
Her beautiful eyes smudged with tears
It's her age to think about Goldilocks and bears

In this cruel world why is it so
Some people are called lords
Whereas some are considered so low
All are humans so why should some bow?

I couldn’t even think clear
All I had but no fear
My senses had gone dull
All I felt was a total null.

When I asked God for loneliness
He gifted me my own shadow
Who refused to leave me alone
Till the endless time it follows me to my fate.

My dream world where I love to stay
Is near the ocean, the sea and the bay.
With the mild scented breeze I sway
And colorful flowers blow my mind away.


With pain in neck he walked around,
all alone with just a frown.

All he wanted was there,

How thee say
The mason’s house burned in peace?
O’er the burning walls,
His daughter shrieks.

I woke up early in the morning, by a phone call,
Which left me mourning.
I paced up and down in the hall,
Doing nothing but frowning.

Like puff of smoke you went away
One moment near then far away.
There is a hollow space where my heart should be
Words can give more pain, now can you see?

A single swaying poppy in the garden
Now even the falling leaves are a burden
The bees are nearby buzzing
Draining its life, like hot blood slushing

When I look up to the black sky
I only see a dark ceiling very high
Is this the place where I am going to die?
Or to my kids I will have to lie?

Oh! Rain I am so glad you came,
When tears roll down, will you hide my pain?
Oh! Rain I am so glad you are here,
Will you help me, when my friends are rare?

When God finished his experiments
He decided to make someone perfect
Someone kind, loving, giving and sweet.
He then compared you with flowers,

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A Runaway

‘Is there a problem darling? ’
‘Just leave me alone mom! ’
She banged the door on her mom’s innocent blink
This was the home she wanted to run away from.

‘Look who’s here? ’
‘Oh! The Icky-Becky-Prickly-Stool! ’
She just wanted to run away. But where?
This was her nightmare, her school.

As the night fell, she ran away with a bag
Till she reached the station, she ran like stag
500km she came away from home
Now she really was alone.

She shared a house with an old woman
As a paying guest and got a job as packaging worker
Everyday she went to parties with a new man
Everyday she inched from her family further.

Realized she three years later
What a fool she was
Desire to go back was greater
As her parents must be sad, and she was the cause.

When she knocked, her father opened the door
‘Who are you? ’ he asked angrily
From sadness she fell on floor
But she was being treated fairly.

After he slammed the door shut
She went to their neighbor’s home
‘What are you doing here? ’ the neighbor burst
‘What is it with my dad, I was just thrown.’

‘So you don’t know? Your mother after you were gone
Died of shock and heart attack
Your dad was totally torn
Because love for family you lack.’

She sat down on the stairs
Her hand on her mouth is despair
She didn’t accept to be forgiven
For all the pain she had given.

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Koena Mokoena 30 April 2012

This is the most important poem, because it is about exposing the personal attributes, hence you should be proud of who you are...

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Harindhar Reddy 24 January 2012

With sweet poems For My Mom, Still A Stranger, The Little Girl, Accident and many others, This teen sensation stoops to conquer the poetry and the world! My words may sound pompous but truth her poetry picture perfect like Sachin's Cover Drive. She got the class, she got the style But she mass, ma ma Mass! Rated A1 + a big Treat! Read hear poetry,100% entertainment guarantee with lifetime warranty! Happy birth to her mom in the heaven! Says one Harindhar Reddy paisano and fellow poet from her country, India.

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Koena Mokoena 12 December 2011

I like this poem ' Phases Of Moon', because it reminds me of my previous & future life. Hence, you can be the famous poet across the globe like me. I have been invited to India to recite my poems wouldn't you like to attend with me? Your correspondence will be highly appreciated. Have a nice day! Mr. Koena France Mokoena Country: South Africa

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Sonali Sings 29 November 2011

Aditi invited me to comment on her poem 'Thank You' but her poem after poem kept me reading and asking for more. Her innocent talent makes her write from an entirely novel perspective, very refreshing. Best wishes for a budding poetess!

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Eduardo Mazzini 23 October 2011

Your heart is really in the right place!

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