Adnan Khalifeh Poems

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If I ever had a chance with you.
I could then express how I love you.
Don’t wonder how, for what, or why.
It is just like the sea and the blue.


Heaven is high so you should climb hard to reach.
Hell is down waiting for your mistakes and always ready to catch.

I Love You.

Since I was born a long time ago,
I have been wondering how life can be.
But now I am deeply in love with you.
Sometimes I am sad sometimes I am happy.

A Marble Statue

Two years of silence were enough
And now it is time to speak.
I threw my heart outside my chest
I needed to be free.


I am moving around in different roads
melding time
looking for photos
to print on the wall of memories

A Little Bird.

A pretty bird is under a tree
Smiling and looking at me.
His joyful colored wings
For freedom meant to be.

I Give-Up.

I’ve done my best to hide my grieve.
I showed you once I am strong enough.
I‘ve said alone I can survive.
I squeezed my heart to let you out.

Let's Dance.

Don’t stay away don’t smoke don’t cry.
Don’t loose your faith or even try.
Don’t blame yourself. Don’t whisper high.
Come shout in my face, saying meaningless words.

All The Words.

All the words that I've said to you
I did not mean anyone of them.
All the times I looked at you
were happening by accident.

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