Adrian Antique Poems

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My Final Clothesline

on hangers of different sizes i place the wet clothes now free of stain..
my task set, i survey the skies praying there'll be no rain...
i'm just a bit worried to leave behind helpless all the white
yet, i can only wish every dust and hurt will fade against the light.

My Angel Guiding Star

i ride the wind
aiming for a star.
my heart tells me
that's where you are.

Walking On Water

It was raining again … like there's a war in the skies
Yet, I had a thirst for something I could not find.
So, listening to the sleepy music I closed my eyes
And daydreamed of my adventure as a blind …

A Tribute To All Frontliners

You're spending time away from home
You think of your loved ones every minute everyday
Thank you for holding up the line
You're weary but you stand against the storm

I'll Find My Way To You

it's been years
since i saw you and heard your voice
seemed so long ago
and time has brushed away my choice


i was a passenger on a motorbike
when from the bridge i watched the sea
the ocean waves kissed the day's first smile
a little moment of seeing you and me

Adventuring Cansaga

the first time i entered its wide open gate
was like watching the beginnings of a movie i must see
like boarding an iron ship for an adventure that won't wait..
i wrote poems on a tin can quietly floating in the sea.

Taken You

i hide my smiles in the shadows, afraid of the blue
sky if ever you feel the same way, too..
i used to call you rainbow every time i saw you
standing so near me - my angel rose without a clue.


We're quite sure
You do have a garden in your heart -
It blooms with each moment of meaning;
It's watered by a family that sticks together …


now sitting on a rock under a lonely tree
still watching a flight of birds swiftly passing …
speechless against a calling to fly free
from a promise in my heart still holding.

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