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on hangers of different sizes i place the wet clothes now free of stain..
my task set, i survey the skies praying there'll be no rain...
i'm just a bit worried to leave behind helpless all the white
yet, i can only wish every dust and hurt will fade against the light.

i ride the wind
aiming for a star.
my heart tells me
that's where you are.

It was raining again … like there's a war in the skies
Yet, I had a thirst for something I could not find.
So, listening to the sleepy music I closed my eyes
And daydreamed of my adventure as a blind …

You're spending time away from home
You think of your loved ones every minute everyday
Thank you for holding up the line
You're weary but you stand against the storm

it's been years
since i saw you and heard your voice
seemed so long ago
and time has brushed away my choice

i was a passenger on a motorbike
when from the bridge i watched the sea
the ocean waves kissed the day's first smile
a little moment of seeing you and me

the first time i entered its wide open gate
was like watching the beginnings of a movie i must see
like boarding an iron ship for an adventure that won't wait..
i wrote poems on a tin can quietly floating in the sea.

i hide my smiles in the shadows, afraid of the blue
sky if ever you feel the same way, too..
i used to call you rainbow every time i saw you
standing so near me - my angel rose without a clue.

We're quite sure
You do have a garden in your heart -
It blooms with each moment of meaning;
It's watered by a family that sticks together …


now sitting on a rock under a lonely tree
still watching a flight of birds swiftly passing …
speechless against a calling to fly free
from a promise in my heart still holding.

I still remember us watching the giants dancing -
we were the voice and laughter of their musical string …
for years, I thought I had lost our songs with your fading
but then this young man with your face started singing.

Hello my leafy friends -
Except for your size, shape, and color …
To my eyes, you all look alike
And I see myself in you -

Last night, I dreamt of them three -
Joshua and the two, with you and me.
Playing in the wind so blithe and free …
So warm and real, their skin I could kiss …

made friends with some nearby -
names, faces glued to the waters in the sky …
placed down my sword and armor, my wide-open chest
only to be stabbed, pierced straight in the eye.

i hold a wisp of petals deep within my soul -
it is my strength, my little garden, my whole.
i carry it wherever I go and even when I sleep,
when I meet life's drizzles and storms, and when I weep.

I am just so glad it is there -
This imposing structure of pure grit and steel,
Shielding me from the jungle outside and its glare …
And from them who are deaf to what i feel.

We're sadly so few
Almost unseen by the world around us -
Guardians of the words and colors of the deep.
Every streak and shade that are left for our sight

Losing the powers of my eyes, I turn to planting
These sculptures of life in boxes and jars of love.
Now that my remaining days are more about touching,
My inner sight can reach farther to the silence above.

It is a foot and a half deep pond encased in glass -
A floating picture frame at first glance small yet really vast …
A child's wishing well no need for coins to cast …
A home where fire and storm don't ever last.

My frail eyes …
Quite hazy
Staring blankly
At the city lights -

Adrian Antique Biography

I am now fifty years of age. I have loved reading poems since i could remember and my favorite poets are Robert Frost and Rilke. I have been trying to write my own kind of poetry since I was ten and was given the privilege to take part in Silliman University's National Writers Workshop in 1990. I have participated in several other workshops and competitions, too. But I believe, so much more than just weaving words and images, poetry should come from the heart and it is a necessity out of the passion and wonder that comes from our human depth. I write poems because it is part of my being. I stopped writing when my wife died of cancer 2011. Yet, when our only son grew up and started writing on his own, I knew I had to write with him. Now, poetry for us has become an adventure of sorts: Me, my son, Joshua, and our verses from the heart. Thank you and all who are part of this... and to Bri Edwards who asked that my bio be less cryptic... From the heart. Adrian)

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My Final Clothesline

on hangers of different sizes i place the wet clothes now free of stain..
my task set, i survey the skies praying there'll be no rain...
i'm just a bit worried to leave behind helpless all the white
yet, i can only wish every dust and hurt will fade against the light.
fearing i've become too aged and weak to wash so much load
with most of my strength being drained by the heat on the road..
but i have to fill the clothesline as there's no one else
to take care of the soiled graying linen in this garden of yellow bells.
maybe i've become too afraid for something so burning hard
like laying down everything for just one crumpled card.
so, i am leaving quietly - no drama, no sound..
back to where my heart has always found its fertile ground.
love then is sometimes going away to somewhere else and find
a backyard with more sun … and drying breeze of a gentler kind
where sacrifices are better embraced by words and not just the mind...
and dirty garments turn into magical paintings intertwined.

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During those times when I became very difficult to love... those were the moments when I needed you most to love me more.

Thank you for gifting me with something only my heart would understand.

Distances don't matter for people of the heart. We may have our own castles, but our world can reach as far as our love can touch - limitless.

There is a garden in all of us. It is watered by our tears and nurtured by our smiles. It blooms every time we find moments of meaning. Its sunlight is hope. Its air is faith. And it grows with the love we freely give away.

Sometimes our aspirations, although they may not have turned into realities, persist in our minds and hearts that they become seemingly sensible visions that inspire us to create wonder. If we dream long enough and hard enough, we might possibly learn to fly.

Carry your children while you can. Hold them close often and tell them you love them. Because there will come a time when you will not be able to.

Hope is not only something we live for, but also something we must live out.

Clouds give us visions of life's beauty and wonder. All we have to do is paint the skies with our eyes.

Before reaching that pond of floating flowers.. i must brave the forest of fire and showers. But i shall walk with my eyes fixed ahead... for Jesus holds my hand and there i am led.

If a person is a person only if he or she has a heart... and the heart is God's delicate machinery of love... then we should love every moment of our God-given existence.

Every human adventure is ultimately a love story.

If the wonder of life is made up of words and images from the heart, then every story... every picture of life is poetry.

The pain of losing a beloved never really leaves because the heart never really forgets.

Loving someone includes loving her dreams and doing everything to help her try to reach them... even if it means setting her free.

Very often, the most interesting person in the room is the one who is least interested.

Life is an adventure where we get to find God in everything big and small.. then we get the chance to be with Him and fall in love again and again... and be the comrade, angel and hero of His stories... So let's go and save the world - today!

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