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John Pepper Clark (Abiku)

Coming and going these several seasons,
Do stay out of the baobab tree,
Follow where you please your kindred spirits

Christopher Okigbo (Hurrah For Thunder)

WHATEVER happened to the elephant –
Hurrah for Thunder –

Kofi Awoonor (Song Of Sorrow)

Dzogbese Lisa has treated me thus

It has led me among the sharps of the forest

John Pepper Clark (The Casualties)

 The casualties are not only those who are dead.
 They are well out of  it.
 The casualties are not only those who are dead.
 Though they await burial by installment.

Niyi Osudare (Not My Business)

They picked Akanni up one morning
Beat him soft like clay
And stuffed him down the belly
Of a waiting jeep.

Antonio Jacinto (Letter From A Contract Worker)

I wanted to write you a letter
my love,
a letter that would tell
of this desire

Christopher Okigbo (The Passage)

BEFORE YOU, my mother Idoto,
Naked I stand;
Before your weary presence,
A prodigal

Wole Soyinka (Abiku)

In vain your bangles cast

Charmed circles at my feet;

Lenrie Peters (The Fence)

There where the dim past and future mingle
their nebulous hopes and aspirations
there I lie.

Kofi Awoonor (The Weaver Bird)

The weaver bird built in our house

And laid its eggs on our only tree

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