Ahmad Shawqi Poems

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Stand For Teacher

Stand for the teacher and honor his rank...
...for a teacher is almost as a prophet
Do you know of someone nobler than...
...he who nurtures minds and hearts

Nahj Al Burda (The Way Of The Mantle)

On the plain, between the ban-tree and the mountain,
a white gazelle-fawn


Peace from the northern wind that swept across Barada River.
As long as that wind sweeps, tears would be everlasting upon Damascus.
I excuse from all pens and rhymes if couldn't express the matter.
About its disaster catastrophic events, the pen couldn't describe.

What Is The Moon

Oh mother, how does the sky look? And what is light and what is the moon?
About their beauty you speak, but I don't see any of it.


I consider life a road
Upon which the masses travel
Toward specific missions
And other goals.

Latitudes Beneath Your Eyelids

Is a draught that slakes. Those volumes
left me cross-eyed, condemned, naked

The Dog And The Pigeon

Here is the tale of the dog and the pigeon
A veritable testimony to the noble character of them both.

Expatriation And Nostagia

Day and night make one forget So, tell me about my early days
And describe that period of my youth that was shaped by imagination
Blew like the playful Saba (wind) and gone
Like a sweet drowse and a quick pleasure

An Encounter With A Mother Cat

I shall never forget a night in Ramadan,
Long and somber like the polar nights
I had just entered my room
After finishing my last meal before daybreak;

O' God !

O' God !
I wander all day and pine through time,
And seek some comfort in my rhyme.
The noblest of rhymes overflow with love,
The sweetest line - the musical and pure -
Are written down for the heart as a cure.

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