Aiden Florence

Rookie (Los Angels)

Aiden Florence Poems

1. Songs Sound Much Sadder 10/7/2007
2. Love Sick 10/8/2007
3. Heaven’s Just A Prayer Away 10/15/2007
4. Serpentine Offering 10/21/2007
5. Angels With Dirty Faces 10/22/2007
6. Propensity To Be Beautiful 10/26/2007
7. Sphere Wing 10/29/2007
8. Let The Love Fall 11/7/2007
9. December Underground 12/11/2007
10. Megalomania 1/14/2008
11. Hey Denica, Will You Smile Again? 1/26/2008
12. Lilies For Jayne 2/1/2008
13. Melodramatic Luxury 2/3/2008
14. Complicate The Memories 2/13/2008
15. Hugs & Kisses And Valentines Deceit 2/15/2008
16. Conflict 2/25/2008
17. Ashes Divide 3/13/2008
18. Amorous Anecdote 4/9/2008
19. Dear Adreanne…..I Miss You So Much 4/10/2008
20. Hold On To The Moment 4/11/2008
21. They'Ll Never Get Me 4/28/2008
22. A Scenic Cherishment 5/15/2008
23. Screaming + Emo = Screamo 6/8/2008
24. Forever Scarlet 6/9/2008
25. Crimson Tears 6/11/2008
26. Monte Parfait 6/14/2008
27. Dead For Lover Requests 7/1/2008
28. One Love 7/5/2008
29. Evanescent Plethora 7/7/2008
30. A Beautiful Accident 7/13/2008
31. Love Lipstick 7/20/2008
32. Hatred Is So-Called Love 7/20/2008
33. Dear Elisa, Please Hate Me 11/17/2008
34. Memorandum 11/22/2008
35. One White Day ~wedding Proposal~ 12/8/2008
36. Monotonous Reality 12/15/2008
37. Dream World's Sweet 12/16/2008
38. Room Trapped In Memories 6/27/2007
39. You'Re Ever So Inviting 7/4/2007
40. Her Voice Inhabits My Mind 7/4/2007

Comments about Aiden Florence

  • Seraphine Belle (3/26/2008 3:25:00 AM)

    Chasin.. It is your fault that I'm here.. So therefore I shall write a few words here.. hehe..

    Those who stop by at his page.. Please read his work.. It is amazing, heartfelt and beautiful.. I'm in love with his work.. What he writes are stuff that you sometimes miss in the big wide world..

    Something words only can convey
    Into the recesses of one's chaste heart...
    Love and Beauty..

    All My Love,
    Seraphine aka the fav Butter lol

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  • Janelle Morehart (6/25/2007 5:59:00 PM)

    What's gone is here
    What's here is gone
    There's a man in the boy
    The boy sings a song
    Darkness is light
    Light turns to dark
    This poet has alot to say
    He'll show you what he's got.

    Hah Im silly sorry. Anyway's this is a wonderful person and he's work shows for it. You'd do quite well to take the time and read a few things from him. You may see something you hadnt before.

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Best Poem of Aiden Florence

Requited Love

Would life ever be this perfect again?
Would my heart ever be filled with so much ecstasy and content, ever again?
I doubt it ever so.

This requited love,
I hold so valuable,
I will never let it go,
As it means everything to me

You are the most beautiful life
I have ever come to known in existence.

Every moment I have with you,
In a conversation,
In pure love,
Is worth millions more than anything,
Any two people could ever define
As “true happiness”

I am truly honored to be here,
To be in this moment,
Alive, ...

Read the full of Requited Love

Kill Me With Your Kiss

Once is all it takes to get that toxic addiction..
I wanna feel your kiss, just crush me,
And break me apart.
That addictive taste always gets my heart
And won’t let me escape,
Blow that kiss that leaves me gasping
One more time.
Let me feel that lighting, strike me,
And knock me out

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