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Well theres not really much for me to say... except that feel free to critique my work if you can, i always open minded to new suggestions and ideas. In terms of music i like pretty much most types of music, mostly metal =D

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A Shade Of Blue

Perspectives differ from the eyes
of the beholder
If the eyes are the windows
to the soul....

Canopy Of Closure

a world must become numb
as society's social chain
advances through our empty

Plurals Of Sigh

how simple worlds
can magnify into dews of strife
combust the flower's hearts
strip it from its petals

Flattered Her Angel

a message she sends
to her friend
conversation begins
as she mentions her devil


God's wrath, ruins of ancient
cities brewing and men in uproar
open mouths of hunger
open legs of Mabs

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