Aisha Love

Rookie (5-25-93 / Baltimore)

Aisha Love Poems

1. Soul 4/12/2008
2. Calling 4/26/2008
3. Notice 5/10/2008
4. Suicide 6/3/2008
5. Pretend 10/17/2008
6. I Want To Be 1/10/2009
7. If I Lost Him 3/11/2010
8. The Damage Is Done 1/27/2014
9. No Good 1/28/2014
10. Refuge 5/23/2011
11. The House 12/1/2007
12. Inspire 2/6/2008
13. Hate 11/30/2007
14. Him 4/12/2008
15. Non-Existing Love 6/27/2008
16. I Found Myself 7/10/2008
17. Relationship 8/30/2008
18. Cracked 2/3/2014
19. Raped 4/26/2008
20. Missing 11/29/2007
21. Body 4/15/2008
22. Afraid 2/9/2008
23. Guardian Angel 4/19/2008
Best Poem of Aisha Love

Guardian Angel

When I'm gone
please don't cry.
Release your tears now
so I'll have wings to fly.
Tell the weeping willow to no longer
weep for there is no need.
Tell the sky to open its clouds
for my soul is ready to be free.
Free from mind, body, and heart
for these things have all grown apart.
If a tear does fall and you feel weird
have no fear because my soul is near.
The clouds have opened and
my soul is ready to leave.
At night wish upon a star with a silent prayer
and my soul will find your heart.

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I hate how you took everything so serious
and that you always held a grudge.
I hate how you didn't care what others felt
as long as you were okay no one else mattered.
Never liked the way you frowned,
always hated when you were down.
I hated that you never gave your life a change
you never wanted to fix your ways.
There is so much more about you that I hate

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