Guardian Angel Poem by Aisha Love

Guardian Angel

Rating: 4.8

When I'm gone
please don't cry.
Release your tears now
so I'll have wings to fly.
Tell the weeping willow to no longer
weep for there is no need.
Tell the sky to open its clouds
for my soul is ready to be free.
Free from mind, body, and heart
for these things have all grown apart.
If a tear does fall and you feel weird
have no fear because my soul is near.
The clouds have opened and
my soul is ready to leave.
At night wish upon a star with a silent prayer
and my soul will find your heart.

Kye Kurion 19 April 2008

I felt such a gentle tone in the poem, you use literary devices well.

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Blue Eyes 24 August 2008

what a romantic poem! i love it.

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Anita Sehgal 18 October 2012

lovely, enjoyed, a10

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Hunter Hunters 18 October 2012

Aisha, you work is nice while sombody bines your heart somebody breaks so am invitin u 2 read my poem break up and others.

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Mark Dillon 18 October 2012

beautiful poem, well written, soft gentle and loving.

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Akhtar Jawad 18 October 2014

A piece of beauty, a work of art, what a lovely poem!

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Lenny Camacho 18 October 2014

like it... poem starts like an open wound, but carries you well into the assurance that there will be healing...

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Savita Tyagi 18 October 2014

Lovely poem. All should read. Fear of death removed so tenderly.

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Babatunde Aremu 18 October 2014

Great thought! Tears after our exit are not heard by us. I like this poem. Keep the pen alive

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Soulful Heart 18 October 2014

10/10.........................a tear drop to break u free from the shackles of painful memories..............yet a binding medium of common feelings..............I invite u to read my poem 'catharsis' lovely poem

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Aisha Love

Aisha Love

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