Akash Agrawal Poems

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Waiting... For My Dream Girl

Who is my Dream Girl?
Who is my Dream Girl?

Who is made just for me,

For Someone Really Very Special

When I saw you for the first time,
Felt you the only girl who can make my life shine.

Everything about you makes me crazy,


Poetry is in the beginning of new life,
Poetry is in the tears of a child,
Poetry is in the warmth of mother's kiss,

A Man Missing -In The Police Station Of Heaven

The Breath-Giver finds a Man missing
And orders to seek for Him.
'Seek Him from the lies of liers
Or from the Gospel of Scriptures'.


O God, you are so kind,
Slogged day and night to find,
A creature with a developed mind,
To send in a world so elephantine.

The Sea Voyage

Drops of water make sea,
From my home once I flee
Along with my luggage,
To enjoy the sea voyage.

Let Me Cry...

On the day of friendship
Broke up a thread of relationship.
Tears left its eyes i a blink
And kissed my lips so pink.

In The Memory Of...

A twinkling star over my room,
Once was subject to an unforgettable doom.
Peering down, He looks after me,
Keeps an eye on every happening.

In The Office Of Almighty

I comprehend this world as an Office,
Where we the people are employee.
Here, the working hour begins
With the sprouting of new seedlings.

My Conversation With My Father

Passing down my memory lane
I remember the days of Your Fame.
The days You were a Hero in my eyes,
Who could listen, even from a distance, my cries.