A Man Missing -In The Police Station Of Heaven Poem by Akash Agrawal

A Man Missing -In The Police Station Of Heaven

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The Breath-Giver finds a Man missing
And orders to seek for Him.
'Seek Him from the lies of liers
Or from the Gospel of Scriptures'.

The Man doesnot reach the Destination
According to the records of Heaven.
(**The Man has left from Earth for Heaven but has not reached there yet)
Obeying the Omni-potent Almighty's order,
Set off the Forces of Nature.

With the first light of dawn
The Sun turned crimson,
Spreads its rays
To get the Man traced.

To get Him, the omni-present purged Air of the morning
Blow everywhere in the form of wind.
Where Sun's rays are unable to reach
Are reached by these breeze.

These breeze
When passing through the Trees,
Inform about the Man missing
To spread their roots beneath to trace Him.

The Trees, the, gradually inform the Mountains,
From which the river, as their Agent, emanates
Entering into the ocean
In search of the Missing man with great determination.

The ocean and the sky, through the horizon, meet
To seek for the Man under its limitless limits.
The darkness of the night getting darker
Compels the sky to take help of other Forces of Nature.

The Moon through its moonbeam
In the night so dim
And the Stars throgh their power
Seek the Missing Man harder.

The Cloude, even, through their flashes of light
With all their might
And the Thunders calling out His name
Tries hard to seek for the Missing Man.

After so many efforts, the Forces of Nature
Put their hands up to surrender.
They, suffering huge failure
Let the eyes down of their Creator.

None but I could find Him
Who dwells nowhere but in my dream.
Secured and Protected in the hut of my heart
Which cannot be broken by any Nature's dart.

Surya . 28 September 2009

a very interesting poem.good composition.thanx for sharing voted10 surya

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Aparna Sinha 25 September 2009

excellent usage of vocabulary! ..a beautiful poem...thanks for sharing

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Priyanka Agrawalla 06 June 2009

this was amazing n an excellent craft from a craftsman! ! !

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