Akujuobi Chijioke

Akujuobi Chijioke Poems

1. Foreign Beauty 7/13/2012
2. A Sorry End 7/16/2012
3. Little Words 7/16/2012
4. Your Anniversary 7/16/2012
5. Pride 7/19/2012
6. Death In The Kitchen 7/23/2012
7. The Virtuous Woman 7/30/2012
8. Charcoal Boy 7/23/2015
9. The Vanity Chase 7/24/2015
10. Floating Rivers 7/24/2015
11. Broken Summers 7/24/2015
12. Endless Misses 7/24/2015
13. Awesome Wonders 7/24/2015
14. The Great King 7/24/2015
15. Deep Ends 7/25/2015
16. At The Fuel Station 7/31/2012
17. Thoughts Of A Lonely Heart 7/31/2012
18. Beautiful One 10/3/2012
19. Please Don'T Go 1/22/2013
20. A City Called Nirvana 9/2/2014
21. A Second To Midnight 1/22/2013
22. Heathen 7/30/2012
23. G.E.J 7/23/2012
24. Love Guitar 7/19/2012
25. Alien Lullaby 9/2/2014

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Best Poem of Akujuobi Chijioke

Alien Lullaby

O desperate ants
What wisdom finds you?
You dwellers of the seas
How the horses bleeds for you...
Bleeding through the corners of her teeth
Until she fails to acquire her feat.

From the ages of broken history
Lives the open windows of untold secrecy
Where the alien princes showers freedom
And grace is belittled in graven wisdom.

I shall accentuate the colourless victory
Don't come to me- mannerless trickery
Who art thou, I am thee
Don't resurrect the broken tree.

On the pinnacles of solvent lust
Lives the tentacles of earthly ...

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A Sorry End

Stereotyped killings marshalled for the lost,
Belief in the myth destined to a cause.
Why apologize for the wrongs of sinister minds?
While betrayal is fed with stomachs of different kinds.

Alert to the Commander's tone
And lift the air in the wind;
Let mercy fall on deaf ears
And feed the plants with the seeds.

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