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Alan Dugan was an American poet. His poetry is known for its plain and direct language, though it is supported by technical skill; it is generally trenchant and ironic in its criticism of American life and received ideas, and in its frank sensuality alike.

Dugan grew up in Jamaica, Queens in New York City and served in World War II, experiences ...

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Percy Dovetonsils 27 January 2012

I want to add this superb poem by Alan Dugan, but can't figure out how to do it.... Morning Song by Alan Dugan Look, it's morning and a little water gurgles in the tap. I wake up waiting, because it's Sunday, and turn twice more than usual in bed, before I rise to cereal and comic strips. I have risen to the morning danger and feel proud, and after shaving off the night's disguises, after searching close to the bone for blood, and finding only a little, I shall walk out bravely into the daily accident.

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I know but will not tell
you, Aunt Irene, why there
are soap suds in the whiskey:
Uncle Robert had to have
A drink while shaving.

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Alan Dugan Popularity

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