Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi Poems

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A Freedom Fighter

A respected man he is
A loved man he is
For his doings, for what he did
Yes he is a freedom fighter

Freedom Day

Walking with arms at my back
On corridor of liberty,
Where man's dream was once met,
And again, man's wound is abolished.


Will you thy beautiful
Thy pleasant with fragrant posies
My flower in the garden
Stain on my face tears; morrow

You And I

Like a river flow
With passion of melody so down and low
With an embrace so warm and tender
We will grow fonder

Love Of God

Listen to the songs of the children
Listen to the cry of the frogs
Listen to the melodies of the birds in the sky
Rejoicing to the ever changing seasons


A shining arrow of William Shakespeare
Of which he was known for
A man of believe
A sacrificer in love

The Story Of My Days

Is written in black and white
On a fine huge paper
I always wonder why it of agony is.
And not of humanity

My Beloved

My heart flatter for him
It is him it desire
Him who it admires
My life it’s devoted on him

Time And Love

If time wouldn’t be an object
The grave will also be eternity
My heart never stops
In the depth of my soul

I Wanna Tell You A Story

That my breath counts confines
My chest, the rhyming beat defines
Of the wounds that forbid my bliss
That its hold hurt, nor the kiss

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