Alaric Alexander Watts

Rating: 4.33
Rating: 4.33

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On The Death Of A Child

A cloud is on my heart and brow,
The tears are in my eyes,
And wishes fond, all idle now,
Are stifled into sighs;—

A Christmas Song

The present moment's all our own,
The next, who ever saw! ~ Mickle.

Come, fill me up a brimming cup,

Invocation To The Echo Of A Sea-Shell

Murmurings from within
Were heard, sonorous cadences, whereby
To his belief the monitor expressed

I'Ve Roamed The Wide World Over,

I've roamed the wide world over,
From Indus to the Pole;
I've been a general lover,
And loved with all my soul;

Meet Me At Sunset

Meet me at sunset, the hour we love best,
Ere day's last crimson blushes have died in the west;
When the shadowless ether is blue as thine eye,

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Alaric Alexander Watts (16 March 1797 - 5 April 1864), British poet and journalist, born in London. His life was dedicated to newspaper creation and edition and was seen as a conservative writer. Such a life led him to bankruptcy until a pension was awarded to him by a friend, Lord Aberdeen.

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