Alaric Alexander Watts

(1797-1864 / England)

Alaric Alexander Watts Poems

1. The Home Of Taliessin 9/22/2010
2. The Lighthouse 9/22/2010
3. The Profession. A Sketch 9/22/2010
4. The Wedding Day 9/22/2010
5. Thou Hast Flashed On My Sight, 9/22/2010
6. To A Portrait, Painted By The Late G.S. Newton, Esq. 9/22/2010
7. To Octavia, The Infant Daughter Of The Late John Larking, Esq. 9/22/2010
8. To Poesy 9/22/2010
9. Woman's Love 9/22/2010
10. A Dream, Written After The Author's Recovery From Illness 9/22/2010
11. A Lament For The Fairies 9/22/2010
12. A Remonstrance To The Poet Campbell, On Proposing To Take Up His Permanent Residence In London 9/22/2010
13. A Remonstrance, Addressed To A Friend Who Complained Of Being Alone In The World 9/22/2010
14. A Woman's Last Song. - From An Unpublished Romance 9/22/2010
15. An Epicedium 9/22/2010
16. Egypt Unvisited. Suggested By Mr. Roberts' Egyptian Sketches 9/22/2010
17. I Will Never Love Thee More 9/22/2010
18. Inscription 9/22/2010
19. I'Ve Roamed The Wide World Over, 9/22/2010
20. Meet Me At Sunset 9/22/2010
21. Morning 9/22/2010
22. Music 9/22/2010
23. Napoleon's Dream 9/22/2010
24. On Revisiting A Scene Of Early Life 9/22/2010
25. On The Death Of A Young Friend, Of Fever, At Laguira 9/22/2010
26. Queen Victoria At Spithead. Written On The Occassion Of The Review By Her Majesty - 9/22/2010
27. The Avalanche 9/22/2010
28. The Closing Scene 9/22/2010
29. The Death Of Pompey The Great 9/22/2010
30. The First-Born 9/22/2010
31. Invocation To The Echo Of A Sea-Shell 9/22/2010
32. A Christmas Song 9/22/2010
33. On The Death Of A Child 9/22/2010

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Best Poem of Alaric Alexander Watts

On The Death Of A Child

Sweet flower! with flowers I strew thy narrow bed!
Sweets to the sweet! Farewell! ~ Shakespeare.

A cloud is on my heart and brow,
The tears are in my eyes,
And wishes fond, all idle now,
Are stifled into sighs;—
As musing on thine early doom,
Thou bud of beauty snatched to bloom,
So soon, 'neath milder skies,
I turn, thy painful struggle past,
From what thou art to what thou wast!
I think of all thy winning ways,
Thy frank but boisterous glee,
Thy arch, sweet smiles, thy coy delays,
Thy step, so light and free;
Thy sparkling ...

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An Epicedium

HE left his home with a bounding heart,
For the world was all before him;
And he felt it scarce a pain to part,
Such sun-bright beams came o'er him.
He turned him to visions of future years,
The rainbow's hues were around them;
And a father's bodings - a mother's tears -
Might not weigh with the hopes, that crowned them.

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